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Interview - Italy 2

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Addison: What is your country?

Interviewee: My country is Italy.

Addison: Actually I have a video do you (want to) take a look?

Interviewee: Yes.

Addison: So this guy hurt his hands, so the knuckle is in the wrong places (dislocated). Did you hurt it before?

Interviewee: Arrr…No.

Addison: So actually if you hurt your hands or legs, you will see a western doctor. Right?

Interviewee: But…yes, I broke my wrist and my ankle in Hong Kong two months ago.

Addison: So you see…

Interviewee: Western doctor.

Addison: they usually give you pain killers. Right?

Interviewee: umm…no. Just if they are needed especially it is like we don't usually take like lots of tablets just if they are needed.

Addison: how long do you take to heal your leg when you twisted it like that?

Interviewee: like this. I don't know because we never seen it like so much. But for a normal like…normal fracture with one month, they usually like wrap it with some patches.

Addison: do you believe this guy can heal in one week when the Chinese doctor help him to replace the angle?

Interviewee: Well… probably if he is going like putting it again in a right place.

Addison: yes, you believe it. Actually I got the Chinese medicine so I want you to smell of it

Interviewee: yes, I know it is smell very bad. Yeah, I have drunk it.

Addison: drank it?

Interviewee: yes I drank something like that. Yes.

Addison: what is your feeling?

Interviewee: it's not so bad. No it's okay.

Addison: When you hurt your hands or legs again, will you try the Chinese doctor and not western doctor.

Interviewee: I don't know because easy know of with always gone to test. Maybe I can try both.

Addison: Both.

Interviewee: Yes, but I actually hoped I'm not going to break anything again.

Addison: will you try to share this with your country?

Interviewee: With my country… it's very it would be very difficult.

Addison: Why?

Interviewee: Because people in ltaly usually are not so open-minded. I don't know. Maybe yes I could give it a try.

Addison: Thank you very much.

Interviewee: You're welcome.

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