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Interview - Hungary

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Mitch: We would to ask bout what you would do if you sprained your ankle or your wrist?

Interviewee: Ah, I see so it’s an intercultural question. I would go see a physical therapist.

Mitch: and how long would that take to heal?

Interviewee: To heal, It really depends on I actually don’t have experience in Hungary, I used to do cross-country running in the USA, so I had that incident before, and it took about a month to heal. And constantly, every single day, physical therapy in the school.

Mitch: What if I told you that Chinese Bone-setting would only take one week?

*Bone-setting: Diē-dá in English Interviewee: I would love to try that!

Mitch: So our friend actually has a video of that here, let’s check it out.

Interviewee: Yep!

Addison: So they help him fix the *wrist* like that.

Interviewee: Oh my God.

Addison: Actually, he can already use his hands right now.

Interviewee: It looks like magic! I would definitely try it, I’m very open.

Addison: I have some Chinese medicine, do you want to smell it?

Interviewee: Yes. Is it very strong? It’s actually very pleasant. It smells like honey. Is it honey-based or? Can I smell it again?

Addison: It is alcohol.

Interviewee: Alcohol? But it must have something sweet inside.

Addison: So will you want to try and share the culture of Chinese (Bone-setting) doctors?

Interviewee: I would be very happy to. Absolutely.

All: Thank you!

Interviewee: Sure!

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