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Interview - Italy 1

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Addison: What country do you come from?

Interviewee: Italy.

Addison: So, in your country, when your leg has (twisted), what will you do? what you will usually do?
Interviewee: When my ? Sorry I don't understand.

Addison: When your leg has (twisted).

Interviewee: I don't know.

Addison:" I don't know *inaudible* ?...Okay.

Interviewee: Yeah yeah I know.

Addison: I got some video…

Interviewee: Oh yes yes sure.

Addison: So can you see some people hurt their ankles?

Interviewee: oooo…

Addison: So here is a chinese doctor, he is helping him to fix the hands...Look carefully ,okay. So he is very painful. Interviewee: (Nervous laughing)

So, if you hurt your hand, what will you usually do?

Interviewee: We'll go the hospital.

Addison: Hospital...And just eating some painkiller?

Interviewee: Yes...We don't have this kind of…

Addison: Fix?

Interviewee: Yeah , fix, yes.

Addison: So you just usually eat painkiller?

Interviewee: Yes.

Addison: How long will you need to heal your hands?

Interviewee: For example, about...I think like this we have to (tend) for 2 months...2,3 months.

Addison: So, can you believe that this guy can heal in one week?

Interviewee: No, not in one week...I don't think so.

Addison: If you broke your ankle, or hurt... (twisted) your leg .. or something else, will you try to see the Chinese doctor? Interviewee: Why not ? Yes.

Addison: I got some material...Wait a minute…I have some Chinese medicine, they're usually quite smelly, smell really (bad/ stinky). Do you want to try (on) some? (When) they usually hurt their hands, they will use this one and just *inaudible* in front of it. Do you want to smell it?

Interviewee: It is quite good.

Addison: It is quite good?

Interviewee: Yeah.

Addison: I think it smells like alcohol.

Interviewee: Yeah,but no really strong smell.

Addison: So will you try it?

Interviewee: Yes, sure.

Addison: Thank you.

Interviewee: Thank you too.

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