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We are 13 Form 5 students from Maryknoll Fathers' School. Check out our introductions below by clicking on our names!

Mitch Lui Jims Lo Addison Lee Kyle Wong Steve To Brian Yau Elton Li Wong Yik Hin Sunny Ngai Ryan Lee Janice Chow Jason Pang Kalvin Ng

Lui Ka Tin Mitch - Web creator, designer, interviewer, video editor

Being the interviewer, web designer and creator, I think that our team reached the goal of the project, which is to tell people that Diē-dá is a precious local culture that should be preserved. The most important lesson I had in this project is the importance of communication and teamwork. I also became a lot more fluent in writing web designing languages.

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Lo Chi Fung Jims - Web creator, designer, interviewer

As one of the interviewers and website creators, After this competition, I learnt more history and the effects of Diē-dá. During the process, I learnt a great deal about HTML and CSS code and the importance of cooperation. Although we met a lot of challenges throughout the project, we tried our hardest to solve them and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

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Lee Wang Chung Addison - Question designer, interviewer

I am the question designer and interviewer for this project. During the competition, I gained a vast amount of knowledge in Chinese medicine history and website design. Also, interviewing other people enabled me to be brave and force me to use English for communication with the interviewees. Overall I enjoyed the project.

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Wong Kwai Yuen Kyle - Interviewer

In the project, I have learnt more about Chinese culture. I have also learnt more about how foreign people view local culture, which makes me so surprised to feel the culture difference between us. I feel that Diē-dá is a very amazing local culture that is worth preserving.

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To Kin Yin Steve - Designer, artist

I am one of the artists of this website. Since designing game characters is a great dream of mine, being able to practice my drawing and sketching skills through this competition has been a thrill and a great experience. I really appreciated this chance and I believe that this project helped me to affirm my goal to become a games artist.

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Yau Ho Nam Brian- Designer, artist

Remember the tiger you saw on the homepage? I drew it! I believe that tigers are the symbol of Diē-dá because the ferocity of a tiger is suitable for something like Diē-dá. At first, I have no idea what represent about Die Da but when I discuss and work with my teammates, I get more ideas and completed this drawing so my biggest takeaway from this project is that working with others can inspire me more.

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Li Chun Chai Elton - Researcher

In this competition, I am responsible for searching information for the whole website. Personally, when I have some strains etc., I’d rather go see a Diē-dá practitioner rather than a western doctor. The research I have done helped me learn a lot and feel much more confident on Diē-dá. I would recommend my friends to see Diē-dá if they sprained their ankles.

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Wong Yik Hin - Data researcher

I am one of the members that responsible for the data research. Throughout the data research process , I have learned a lot of knowledge about Diē-dá that I was not familiar with. After this project , I learnt that we should treasure our local culture and it is really important to preserve it.

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Ngai Tsun Hei Sunny - Researcher

Learning more about Diē-dá through researching has been a great joy of mine. I became a lot more knowledgable and impressed in Diē-dá and its history. I am thoroughly amazed by what the practitioners can do. I really have learnt a lot during this competition.

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Lee Chiu On Ryan - Video editor

This is my first time editing a video in English. When I had to set the subtitles, the challenge of identifying what people are saying is very difficult. I feel honored that I can participate in the project with our team and introduce Chinese Diē-dá to foreigners. I hope that this traditional treatment also can be inherited by the next generation.

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Chow Ngar Lam Janice - Video editor

Filming and editing the interviews is definitely a challenge. But I learnt more what is Die-ta through this project. I find that the questions and knowledge in Diē-dá very interesting. I learnt to be more outgoing to communicate with others so I can work better with my teammates in this project.

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Pang Ka Long Jason - Recording

I was responsible for recording the video footage of the interviews. Through this competition I learnt how to cooperate with my teammates efficiently, and have learnt a lot more about operating video equipment. It was also quite interesting to experience what was needed behind the scenes when creating a video.

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Ng Ka Chun Kalvin - Recording

Through this project, I learnt the importance of teamwork and we are able to learn more about Diē-dá. For the interview, I was able to find out more about the opinions of people of different countries and culture about using Diē-dá when they were injured. Overall, I really enjoy doing this project.

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