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Preserving Diē-dá in Hong Kong:
A Cyberfair Project

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Hong Kong is an international city, and is able to incorporate different cultures with different regions, each with their own specific landmarks and specialties. However, one common problem still occurs, which is that some people get injured occasionally. Hidden in the bustling streets of Sham Shui Po are Diē-dá (Pronounced D-ye-da) practitioners, who are able to treat fractures and help them recover from their injuries within a short period of time.
This is just one of many Diē-dá shops in Hong Kong. These Diē-dá practitioners are practicing an ancient form of Chinese medicine, passed on for thousands of years, and their existence in Hong Kong makes it clear that it is local special culture that must be preserved.

To that end, we will discover what Diē-dá has to offer in this site, analyzing the history of Diē-dá, including it’s background, it’s involvement in ancient China, and it’s influences in the modern world.

Furthermore, we will introduce how the methods of Diē-dá developed as the world is increasingly modernized, including the materials and treating methods used, and talk about how effective the treatment is.

Not only that, we went to interview students from other countries at the AFS Intercultural Fair to introduce Diē-dá to them and promote it, hoping that they would spread the word and preserve Diē-dá.

Overall, this project’s main objective is to promote Diē-dá as a local specialty that is unique to Hong Kong and should be preserved as such, through introducing Diē-dá to people from other countries and an interview with a local Diē-dá practitioner, and hope to remind people that they should also unite and preserve the local culture that is unique to them.

So let's begin! Click on the links below and start discovering Diē-dá!

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